Coffee MYTHS

Coffee Myth No. 1  Dark Roast Contains MORE Caffeine Than Light Roast

Short answer: All roast of the same bean basically have the same amount. 

Long answer:  When roasting coffee none of the caffeine gets lots.  If you take 3 beans of dark roast and compare them with 3 beans of light roast they will contain the same amount of caffeine. 

When brewed, dark roast may contain microscopically more caffeine because you will need more beans to fill an 18-gram dose.  Would anybody be able to tell the difference. NO!


Coffee Myth No. 2  Coffee stunts your growth

Short answer: MYTH.  There is no evidence that drinking coffee stunts your growth.  

Long answer:  Based on numerous studies there is no evidence that drinking coffee has any effect on height. 

The exact origin of this myth is unknown, but it’s thought to have something to do with the caffeine that is naturally found in coffee.

However, the reduction in calcium absorption associated with caffeine intake is so small that it can be offset by adding 1–2 tablespoons of milk to every 6-ounce cup (180 ml) of coffee you drink

Thus, it wasn’t far-fetched to warn growing adolescents about drinking coffee out of fear it would prevent their bones from fully developing.

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