Colombia - Single-Estate Finca La Granada (Microlot)

Colombia - Single-Estate Finca La Granada (Microlot)

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The Coffee

Very limited supply! Only 22 bags

We LOVE the Pink Bourbon Varietal.  Pink Bourbon is a rare and coveted find. A hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, this varietal stands out in every way.

This single-estate microlot was treated to a prolonged fermentation. The cherries were weighed and kept intact for 96 hours, after which they were fermented for another 96 hours in tanks. The beans were then washed and put out to dry on parabolic dryers for 15 to 20 days. We roasted it to medium and the results are a fruity cup balanced out with dark chocolate.  Must try! 

Flavor Notes: Cherry, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate.

Roast Profile: City+

Region: Huila

Program:  Microlot

Process: Washed

The Brewing

Drip, Pourover, Aeropress, Clever dripper.  


If for any reason you are not happy with your coffee, we will gladly work with you to find you the coffee you love.